Thursday, 16 June 2011

Malam ni tido sambil senyum

dear all...

hehehehe...senyum sampai telinge..saat ini sgt happy..:)

Mesti korang tertanye kan why i am sooo happy??haa...meh nak bgtau...dtg la dekat sikit..hehe..actually this afternoon i have decided to do my 1st trial experiment.why did i called trial?because i thought it didn't go well.but i was wrong.hahaha..and the best part is after i did the analysis. actually initial analysis, the results were as i expected..heh, tak expected pun nk dpt as good as it.hehe..sangat suke!!tomorrow i will continue for further analysis..insyallah.

Second news is, my co-supervisor just texting me to tell about the grant he had applied for my research..and the result is approved. dpt berapa tu i tak tau la coz tak jumpe dia lg, now he is in melaka for outstation.he asked me to see him on nest!!cannot wait..hehe, dapat la i beli barang yang i duk merengek kt dia nak tu..hahaha..

ok la, mau solat dulu before go home..nak balik tengok Nora Elena plak episod..

Till then, Daadaa!!

Mood : Very happy bagai dilambung-lambung..(agk melampau perumpamaan itu..)malam ini mesti tido sambil senyum!!senyum..tak perlu kata apa-apa..

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