Friday, 8 April 2011

being published

dearie bloggie..


alhamdullilah..very happy because my paper is being published for UKSim Conference in UK, even i was not the one who presented the paper..who knows in future i will get the chances to present paper in oversea..but the paper is not being publish online yet..lmbt jugak he diorang nk put it online..cant wait to type my name and the paper appear on the screen..soon..and now i have to prepare for the same paper to submit for journal paper as well..but need tp be improve and extended for the analysis..(journal paper will give more points as compared to conference paper).so, shaky please put your 150% effort ya..oh forget to mention about the TPM interview..also have to prepare for the interview and mock teaching also..Dear God, please show me the way and give me some of your strength..i have a publication..hehehe...hopefully this is a good start and sign for my Msc. journey..

p/s:dlm kesibukan sempat lg nk post new entry...hehe


  1. ..bestnyer...congratz kak ros...teruskan usaha anda...ahahha..;)

  2. mmg pening...nk release tnsen..nk pjm novel k.long...nnt g kenduri kt johor nnt nk pjm he