Monday, 28 March 2011

i'll lend you

i'll lend you my shoulder for you to cry on,

i'll lend you my ears to listen to,

i'll lend you my hands for you to hold,

i'll lend you my feet to walk woth you,

but i can't lend you my heart...

coz it already belong to someone.

of course la this is not the picture of MA & me..saje nk letak..hahaha

Que sera sera...what ever will be will be..future is not for us to see..Que sera sera..

p/s: what ever you felt today doesn't mean tomorrrow you will feel the same way..pray for the best, pray for the rest..Dear Allah please bring happiness for my family and friends..Amin...


  1. i pray for ur happiness too!

  2. bulan : ala nya, entry ni xde sgkut paut pun ng tunang..hehe..nway, que sera sera..dh bertunang pun belum tentu akan kawen..juz pray for the best..nya bila lg??aayok!!

    zue:thanx babe..lurve yu owiz!!lol**